Nature Boosts Energy, Happiness and Creativity

A few years ago while running on the Appalachian Trail somewhere in New Hampshire my foot tangled with an exposed tree root, and for a moment time slowed as my body continued to ride the forward momentum, while my foot did not. During this moment out of time I noticed colors, shapes, sounds and smells in an intensity I’d only previously experienced in dreams, but this was no dream and in-spite of the majesty of this experience the reality of the coming crash was rapidly unfolding before me.

In less then a few seconds I’d traveled from an endorphin fueled run into a magical looking glass phantasm and finally an epic  meeting with a damp moss covered floor commonly known as a splat. Looking back I likened the experience to riding a roller coaster through a fun-house when the wheels leave the track while smoking pot. (if you can imagine that)
I found myself sprawled out upon nature’s carpet with all the certainty that I looked like a crumpled piece of newsprint. It turned out that the moss probably saved me from serious injury but nothing could save me from the temporary embarrassment I was feeling at that moment. I manged to sit up and brush myself off and it was then that I started to remember what I had seen while I was falling.
I was full of serenity as I sat upon the moss carpet surrounded by huge pines, maples and birch trees, patches of wild grasses and flowers lingered a few yards away.  I was experiencing the forest and nature as if for the first time, the air enveloped me in it’s coolness while the sounds of birds and insects created a backdrop far away lifting my spirits above serenity into something at the time I had no words for,  but maybe could be called a moment of enlightenment.
My experience brought me my first deep experience of connection with nature. The connection was beyond merely appreciating nature, no this connection was about being part of nature and with this new understanding came a realization that I could find answers to many of my questions by taking the time to sit and be with nature.
Yesterday I came across a post at The Unbound Spirit that I want to share, below is an excerpt of that post. If it connects with you please consider visiting and reading the complete post. Thanks

“Nature can be a powerful healing force for all of us, only if we realize it and harness it for our own benefit. According to recent scientific studies, spending time in nature can help boost our energy, happiness, creativity, memory and even self-esteem. Unfortunately, most people in the Western world spend most of their time sitting inside a building, and they rarely go in the countryside to enjoy nature and receive all of the amazing physical and psychological benefits it has to offer.

Here are some recent research findings from scientific studies that prove the healthy benefits spending time in nature can have to your mind:

Nature can increase your energy and happiness

Many studies have proved that spending time in nature can increase how energetic we are and how happy we feel about ourselves. Surprisingly, it was found that even spending only 20 minutes per day close to nature can significantly increase your energy or vitality.

Nature can boost your creativity

This might sound far-retched but that’s exactly what researchers found and I’d fully recommend you to spend some more time in nature, if you feel that your creative energy is currently stagnant!

Nature can enhance your short-term memory

So if you lately experience foggy memory, I think it would be an awesome idea for you to go for a small walk in nature and clear that fog!

Nature can improve your self-esteem

Several studies have been carried out showing that exercising in nature can be one of the greatest ways to boost your self esteem.”

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Scientific Studies Show Nature Can Boost Your Energy, Happiness, Creativity, Memory, and Self-Esteem | The Unbounded Spirit.

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